Italo Disco Songs from 1987 Part 2

1I Wanna Be Your LoverMagic05:03127.78110m1987Germany
2Touch My HeartDanuta03:11125.17411m1987Poland
3GigoloGreen Ice06:52125.33011m1987Spain
4Midnight ManSandra03:04129.68512m1987Germany
5Are You Man EnoughC.C. Catch03:41120.0601m1987Germany
6Day By DayDen Harrow04:20112.9428m1987Italy
7Keep on DrivingRobert Bravo05:33110.5858m1987Italy
10Night GirlBrian Ice07:12117.08411m1987Italy
11Space Hopper Proxyon03:55124.33910m1987Netherlands

Italo Disco Songs from 1987 Part 1

1Up & DownEddy Huntington03:301987Italy
2Hopes & DreamsAlbert One04:551987Italy
3Toc Toc TocMiko Mission04:391987Italy
4Flash In Your MindAir Mail05:481987Italy
5I Cry For You Shy Rose06:531987Italy
6Let’s Dance TonightDavid Gray04:421987Italy
7YetiRadiorama04:031987Italy Laszlo03:461987Italy
9Call MeSpagna03:581987Italy
10Ready for Love Morgana07:391987Italy
11Forever LoversItalian Boys06:091987Italy
12Little RussianMr. Zivago07:391987Italy
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Italo Disco Mixes from 1986

1Italo Boot Mix Vol 7 Side AZYX Records13:291986Germany
2Max Mix 4 Side AMax Music19:171986Spain
3Bolero Mix Side ABlanco Y Negro Records14:061986Spain
4Italo Boot Mix Vol 7 Side BZYX Records13:161986Germany
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Italo Disco Songs from 1986 Part 3

1Agent of libertyMike Mareen04:181986Germany
2Give Me UpMichael Fortunati03:451986France
3More Than a Kiss Michael Bedford03:471986Ireland
4Easy LadySpagna04:501986Italy
5Macho ManAndrea05:221986Italy
6Why WhyRare Band06:531986Italy
7Shine Shine ShineMania05:521986Italy
8Can DelightMy Mine05:561986Italy
9Sexy TeacherCeck Up Twins07:121986Italy
10Looking For LoveTom Hooker03:461986Italy
11Flash in the NightPublic Passion06:281986Italy
12Strip TeaseMiko Mission04:521986Italy
13Cause You Are YoungC.C. Catch04:491986Germany
14Venture In My Heart Marco Martina05:461986Italy
16To Be Or Not To Be Jock Hattle04:231986Italy
17Love At FirstJoe Yellow06:011986Italy
18Don’t Talk About ItSwan03:571986Italy
19Monkey MonkeyFlo Astaire03:531986Italy
20Never Say GoodbyeChip Chip04:331986Italy
21Johnny JohnnyLala04:561986Italy
22Juke Box Boy Baltimora05:511986Italy
23Ocean DeepTaco04:411986Germany
24SmileThe Why Not04:461986Italy
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Italo Disco Songs from 1986 Part 2

1SecretsAlbert One03:411986Italy
2Love SpyMike Mareen06:261986Germany
4Computer (In My Mind)Ago06:101986Italy
5Play the GameRudy & Co.05:431986Italy
6Do You Really Need MeK B Caps03:461986Italy
7LancelotValerie Dore04:321986Italy
8Don’t CryKen Laszlo04:111986Italy
9I’m Your LoverJoe Yellow03:501986Italy
10Living In A RomG.G. Near06:251986Italy
11Moonlight AffairCliff Turner06:161986Italy
12FlashStephanie De Monaco05:461986Monaco
13You’re My First You’re My LastLinda Jo Rizzo05:421986Germany
14The Last WallAlan Ross05:141986Italy
15Lady of IceFancy04:541986Germany
16Killer MaschineLaser Cowboys06:341986Germany
17My DreamShamall06:421986Germany
18Everybody Is GayLatin Rose03:351986Spain
19CharlestonDen Harrow04:491986Italy
20Swiss BoyLou Sern05:041986Italy
21NothingBody Power06:191986Italy
22Humanoid InvasionLaserdance07:121986Netherlands
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Italo Disco Songs from 1986 Part 1

1Don’t Wake Me UpJ.D. Jaber07:551986Italy
3ColoursTabù D’Apache06:481986Italy
4Toledo GirlCosa Rosa07:091986Italy
6Catch the FoxDen Harrow06:081986Italy
8UssrEddy Huntington03:531986Italy
10For your loveAlbert One06:291986Italy
11Computer GuyPalmer07:061986Italy
12I Was Made For Lovin’ YouThe Nasty Boys07:421986Italy
13Baila BoleroFun Fun03:571986Italy
15When I Let You DownM&G06:061986Italy
16Sexy GirlSabrina03:421986Italy
17Sexy LadyEdy Band06:001986Italy
18White Storm in the JungleSandy Marton03:481986Italy
19Boom BoomPaul Lekakis06:561986Italy
20Dr. FaustusCyber People07:021986Italy
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Italo Rain Boot Mix Vol 1

Once a month we’ll put out a 1 hour mix of Italo and Euro Disco songs. We don’t go into the background or history of the songs, just a bit of a sample.

1I Am A RobotDavid Zed1980Italy
2Baby Not TonightKano1981Italy
4BambinaDavid Lyme1985Spain
5Dirty TalkKlein & M.B.O.1982Italy
6Feel The FearClio1985Italy
7Dancing in the DarkMike Mareen1985Germany
8I WishBolero1984Italy
9My MindKorja1981Italy
10Color My LoveFun Fun1984Italy
11We JustMoses1985Italy
12Turbo DieselAlbert One1984Italy
13Void VisionCyber People1985Italy
14Happy SongBoney M.1984Germany/Caribbean
15Real MenTom Hooker1985Italy
16Spacer WomanCharlie1983Italy
17Future BrainDen Harrow1985Italy
18Hypnotic TangoMy Mine1983Italy
19AlisandHugh Bullen1985Italy
20I’m HungryStopp1983Italy
21Disco FutureFresh Color1985Switzerland
22Cha Cha ChaFinzy Kontini1985Italy
23Silver SpoonDanielle Devred1981Belgium
24Sky Walking Dee D. Jackson1984UK
25Queen of the NightCamomilla1985Italy
26Don’t Stop Lovin’J.D. Jaber1983Italy
27Touch by touchJoy1985Austria
28FacesClio 1985Italy
29Dolce VitaRyan Paris1983Italy

Italo Disco Songs from 1985 Part 4

It’s our 4th and final show digging into the Italo Disco and Euro Disco that was released in 1985. We’ve got two songs called ‘America’. We’ve also got two different songs about American Football. Join us for some of the most obscure but enjoyable disco releases of 1985.

1OverpowerDen Harrow04:161985Italy
2Forever and a Day93rd Superbowl05:461985Italy
3Hot Girls – Bad BoysBad Boys Blue04:101985Germany
4Suzie’s PantsJoan Katton06:131985Italy
5Computer SourireAlexander Robotnick04:191985Italy
6Topless On The BeachThe Matchmakers06:341985Spain
7How to Pick Up GirlsBobby O04:031985USA
8Real MenTom Hooker03:281985Italy
10Super Bowl ShuffleChicago Bears Shufflin’ Crew1985USA
11New England, the Patriots and WeThe New England Patriots1985USA
12Locker Room Rock1985 Seahawks1985USA
13We’re The 49ers!The 49ers04:151984USA
14Dial My NumberR.Bais03:461985Italy
15Flowers in the RainThaï Break06:231985Belgium
16Listen Over The OceanViolet Eves04:201985Italy
17TonightTony Moore D.J.06:561985Italy
18Computerized LoveTango05:131985Italy
19A. I. D. S.Risen From The Rank06:451985Italy
20The Girl of LuciferMonte Kristo03:541985France
21Sleep Walk Sleep TalkNaimy Hackett03:501985Italy
22This Is The NightKano05:481985Italy
23AmericaBaby’s Gang06:391985Italy
24AmericaCrusin Gang07:271985Italy
25Theme From DallasPaul Mc Douglas05:091985Germany

Italo Disco Songs from 1985 Part 3

It’s Part 3 of 4 of our dive into Italo Disco songs from 1985. Tonight it’s mostly songs from Italy. Just a couple from Germany.

1Broken RadioDen Harrow04:401985Italy
2Hold Me TightKaty Gray05:591985Italy
3Feel The FearClio03:421985Italy
4Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah!Roaring Mosquitoes02:591985Italy
5Eyes of GlassEast Wall06:571985Italy
7Two For LoveMiko Mission05:231985Italy
8I Can Feel ItRex Abe04:461985Italy
9Destiny TimeRoy07:271985Italy
10Music In The NightSolid Strangers05:181985Germany
12SunlightM Like Moon05:351985Italy
13I’m a LoverAndrea06:081985Italy
14Cha Cha ChaFinzy Kontini05:531985Italy
15Queen of the NightCamomilla05:261985Italy
16All The NightRiky Maltese06:071985Italy
17Take Me UpScotch03:321985Italy
18Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again)Fancy04:051985Germany
19Fairy TaleRose05:481985Italy
21Eagles In The NightDario Dell’Aere08:211985Italy

Italo Disco Songs from 1985 Part 2

1Future BrainDen Harrow05:281985Italy
2AlisandHugh Bullen05:341985Italy
3DominationFlexi Cowboys05:381985Italy
4Only Music SurvivesAlba07:251985Italy
5FantasyLian Ross06:571985Germany
6Touch by touchJoy05:201985Austria
7You’re a WomanBad Boys Blue05:221985Germany
8Mama RadioRudy & Co.05:501985Italy
9L.A.D.Y. O.Fancy05:361985Germany
10Lady OAlbert One04:471985Italy
11BambinaDavid Lyme05:311985Spain
12(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena Sandra03:581985Italy
13Beautiful LifeAlex Valentini04:211985Italy
14It’s So EasyValerie Dore06:291985Italy
15Around My DreamKazino04:021985Belgium
16A Man Like MeBobby Orlando03:181985USA
17Let’s Call Each OtherForum03:131985USSR
18Time (Back In Time)Digital Emotion06:381985Netherlands
19Magic DanceLOUI$08:311985Italy
20Delirio MindScotch05:111985Italy
21Void VisionCyber People07:141985Italy