Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep22 – 1984 Part 2

More Italo Disco songs from 1984!

#TitleArtistTimeRelease DateCountry
1Music ColoursCellophane06:491984Italy
2Silent Smiles Ram Band03:441984Italy
3Cause I need you, ’cause I love you’De-De-Mo05:351984Italy
5Magic Carillon Rose06:031984Italy
7Get CloserValerie Dore06:021984Italy
8Zorro My Mine03:511984Italy
10Body Heat Fokewulf 19006:321984Italy
11The World Is YouMiko Mission05:351984Italy
12Love Attack Tom Hooker05:241984Italy
13Heaven Is…Patricia Harris07:091984Italy
14Queen Of DiscotequeSissy03:441984Italy
15Right By The MoonK. Barré06:421984Italy
16I Am Sure The Radiators06:011984Italy
17Don’t RunawayMyxoma05:501984Italy
18Sexy Films Kroma06:561984Italy
19I WishBolero03:181984Italy
20I’m gonna dance (take me tonight)Ryvon D.J.06:011984Italy
21Occhi su di meRobert Sandrini04:191984Italy
22Happy Birthday (To My Mammy)Baby’s Gang04:581984Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep21 – 1984 Part 1

Italo disco songs from 1984.

#TitleArtistTimeRelease DateCountry
1Sky Walking Dee D. Jackson04:271984UK
2Tarzan BoyBaltimora06:191984Italy
3Shine On DanceCarrara03:521984Italy
4PolarisCyber People05:401984Italy
5People From IbizaSandy Marton03:091984Croatia / Italy
6Hey Hey GuyKen Laszlo05:481984Italy
7Sandy EyesZwischenfall05:471984Germany
8Self ControlRAF04:011984Italy
9Distant PlanetThe Voyagers06:221984Italy
11Dancing TherapyInternational Music System06:051984Italy
12Under the IceTopo & Roby07:131984Italy
13Turbo DieselAlbert One03:431984Italy
14Comanchero Moon Ray03:581984Italy
15Mad DesireDen Harrow04:381984Italy
16The NightValerie Dore05:471984Italy
17Disco bandScotch05:011984Italy
18How Old Are YouMiko Mission05:061984Italy
19Color My LoveFun Fun04:071984Italy
20No EscapeMax Him06:121984Italy
21On FireG. Race05:191984Italy
22ChallengerBaby’s Gang05:181984Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep20 – 1983 Part 2

1I’m HungryStopp06:03Italy
2Spacer WomanCharlie07:30Italy
4Japanese War GameKoto03:57Italy
5The Rule to Survive N.O.I.A.04:41Italy
6Rainy Day Brando04:02Italy
7Believe in YourselfThe Creatures04:08Italy
8Problèmes d’AmourAlexander Robotnick07:00Italy
9HeroesBig Ben Tribe06:54Italy
11Somebody Video06:17Italy
12I’m Going to GoJago05:16Italy
13You… See Helicon06:36Italy
14Good TimesPaul Paul05:56Italy
15Chinese RevengeKoto06:20Italy
17HigherVivien Vee03:54Italy
18Voices In The DarkMike Cannon03:07Italy
19Ba Ba Go, GoTopo04:41Italy
21Turbo TimeDaniele Patucchi04:04Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep19 – 1983 Part 1

Italo Disco songs released in 1983! – Part 1

Lots of first releases in today’s show:

  • Den Harrow
  • Ryan Paris
  • Fun Fun
  • My Mine
  • Righeira
  • Joe Yellow
  • Savage
  • P. Lion
  • J.D. Jaber
  • Scotch
  • Italo Boot Mix
1Italo Boot Mix Vol 1 Side AZYX Records10:39Germany
2I Like Chopin (Classic)Gazebo04:52Italy
3No Tengo Dinero (1983)Righeira03:21Italy
4Dolce VitaRyan Paris03:55Italy
5To Meet MeDen Harrow06:09Italy
6SexinessTravel Sex07:10Italy
7Happy StationFun Fun05:55Italy
8Hypnotic TangoMy Mine03:45Italy
9Happy SongBaby’s Gang05:36Italy
10Another LifeKano03:52Italy
11Cybernetic LoveCasco06:09Italy
12I Want YouGary Low08:33Spain
13Lover To Lover (For Sale)Joe Yellow04:20Italy
14Plastic LoveZed05:01Italy
15Vamos A La PlayaRigheira03:40Italy
16Don`t Cry TonightSavage06:49Italy
17Happy ChildrenP.Lion05:56Italy
18Come On CloserThe Pineapples06:28Italy
19Don’t Stop Lovin’J.D. Jaber07:11Italy
20Penguin Invasion (Original)Scotch06:15Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep18 – 1982

Italo Disco songs released in 1982!

#TitleArtistTimeRelease Country
1You Are a DangerGary Low08:401982Italy
3Dirty TalkKlein & M.B.O.05:361982Italy
4TequilaBo Boss04:501982Italy
5Take Me to the TopAdvance06:171982Italy
6Space Operator 4 M International04:251982Italy
7Disco ProjectPink Project05:051982Italy
8Bad PassionSteel Mind06:341982Italy
9StopValery Allington04:341982Italy
10Life With YouExpansives06:531982Italy
11I Need LoveCapricorn04:331982Italy
12Not Love Trilogy07:351982Italy
13For YouAgo05:541982Italy
14I’m a VocoderGay Cat Park07:271982Italy
15The Man From ColoursWanexa06:431982Italy
16Plastic DollDharma06:291982Italy
18Robot Is SystematicLectric Workers07:421982Italy
19Feels GoodElectra ft. Tara Butler06:151982Italy
21Girls on MeAmin Peck09:591982Italy
22HookeySylvi Foster06:311982Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep17 – 1981

Italo Disco songs from 1981

#TitleArtistTimeRelease DateCountry
1Wake UpThe Clocks04:161981Italy
2FotofinishGin & Tonic03:221981Italy
3Baby Not Tonight (Short Version)Kano03:521981Italy
4Strange Desires (Vocal)Peter Richard05:211981Italy
5Gioca jouer (USA Version)Claudio Cecchetto03:481981Italy
6Just Your LoveJ.M.T. Band07:251981Belgium
7Love Is Gonna Be on Your Side (Single Version)Firefly04:151981Italy
8The Night They Invented The DiscoD.D. Sound06:071981Italy
9My Mind (Vocal)Korja04:311981Italy
10Love is magicSunflower06:201981Italy
11Give MeRange07:121981Italy
12Wake Up In The NightD.D. Sound04:401981Italy
13Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving)Kano04:451981Italy
14Wallet WomanTileface06:401981Italy
16You Make Me Do ItAgo05:451981Italy
17Pow Pow PowCapricorn05:431981Italy
18J’ai jamais dit ça!Mino03:191981Belgium
19Silver SpoonDanielle Devred06:501981Belgium
20VenusRussell Russell05:091981Italy
22Love StarsCaelestium06:031981Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep16 – 1980

Italo Disco of 1980!

1It’s a WarKano06:541980Italy
2Standard PlanetMoons05:471980Italy
3I Am A RobotDavid Zed07:121980Italy
4If You Weren’t AfraidGiorgio Moroder05:411980Italy
5Got To BeBen Norman03:441980Italy
6If Are You MasterSilvy Foster06:011980Italy
7I’m Dancing All The NightNavach05:431980Italy
8CasanovaEasy Going06:551980Italy
9Dream MachineDisco Dream And The Androids09:101980UK
10Give me a BreakVivien Vee08:491980Italy
11Show Show ShowMarina Marfoglia04:381980Italy
12(One Two Three) Counting On LovePeter Jacques Band05:161980Italy
13Got Got MoneyFive Letters08:261980France
14Any Time or PlaceAzoto06:141980Italy
15A Gay Time Latin LoverEasy Going08:261980Italy
16I’m In LoveCela11:011980Italy
17I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda03:151980Italy
20Cosmic VoyagerKano06:211980Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep15 – Female Italo Disco Artists

Featuring female Italo Disco artists.

1You’re My Love (My Life) (Original Version)Patty Ryan04:271986Germany
2Soul SurvivorC.C. Catch05:151987Dutch/German
3FacesClio 05:411985Italy
4I Cry For YouShy Rose06:551987Italy?
5Shoot Your ShotDivine06:251982USA
6Heartflash (tonight)Linda Jo Rizzo03:381986USA/Germany
7Get CloserValerie Dore06:121984Italy
8Chance To DesireRadiorama04:061985Italy
9(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena (Single Verison)Sandra03:581985Germany
10Color my loveFun Fun04:041984Italy
11Sexy GirlSabrina07:031986Italy
12Perfect LoverLinda Jo Rizzo03:361987USA/Germany
13Sky HighTammie Lee07:031984Italy
14Danger For LoveDeborah05:331985Italy
15AmericaCrusin Gang07:271985Italy
16Marinero (Long 12” Version)Lucia07:091985Italy
17Zanzibar (Extended Version)Helen06:041985Italy
18Comanchero (Vocal Radio)Moon Ray03:581984Italy
19You and Me (Remastered)Funny Twins05:221987Italy
20Fairy TaleRose05:471985Italy
21You Drive Me CrazyReflectors05:021989Italy
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep14

#TitleArtistTimeRelease DateCountry
1Love’s ThemeThe Love Unlimited Orchestra04:071973USA
2Never Can Say Goodbye (Single Version)Gloria Gaynor02:591974USA
3T.S.O.P. (The Sound of Philadelphia)Mfsb Feat. The Three Degrees03:431973USA
4B.T. Express – Do It (‘Til You’re Satisfied) [Tom Moulton Mix]Tom Moulton05:551974USA
5More Than A WomanTavares03:171977USA
6Prisencolinensinainciusol (Remastered)Adriano Celentano03:521972Italy
7Feel It All AroundWashed Out03:122009USA
8I Want YouGary Low08:321983Spain
9(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena (Single Verison)Sandra03:581985Italy
10For Your LoveAlbert One03:561986Italy
11One Step To HeavenMiko Mission05:041989Italy
13I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda03:151981Italy
14Bye Bye BabyMax Coveri06:111988Spain
15I Wanna Rock YouGiorgio Moroder06:311979Italy
16Void VisionCyber People07:041985Italy
17Are You Ready (Original Version 1984)Break Machine05:431984USA
18I’m ReadyKano07:151980Italy
19Mind MachineKoto06:371992Italy
20I Feel LoveDonna Summer05:561977USA
21Vivre Sur VideoTrans-X06:131983Canada
22Man To ManScotch04:301987Italy
23UnrealThe Egyptian Lover05:331984USA
24flirting and showingFox The Fox04:411983Netherlands
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep13

#TitleArtistTimeCountryRelease DateVideo
1Future BrainDen Harrow05:28Italy1985Link
2Slice Me Nice (12″ Version)Fancy05:26Germany1984Link
3Glasses ManKen Laszlo04:26Italy1987Link
4Delirio MindScotch04:36Italy1984Link
5Dancing in the Dark (Galactica remix)Mike Mareen07:09Germany1985Link
6I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda03:15Italy1981Link
7Lady SurpriseRobert Camero05:34Italy1989Link
9Toc Toc TocMiko Mission05:05Italy1987Link
10Let’s Rock Break And Boogie (Radiomix)Savoir Faire & Uptown Express03:35Italy1984Link
12The Years (Go By)Fred Ventura06:16Italy1985Link
13I Should Be So LuckyKylie Minogue03:25Australia1987Link
14Feel The Fear Clio & Roberto Ferrante03:42Italy1985Link
15Keep on Dancing (Club Mix)Clio & Kay05:40Italy1988Link
16Silent SmilesRam Band06:30Italy1984Link
17Sexual FeverDe Gama04:01France1987Link
18ColoursTabù D’Apache06:48Italy?1986Link
19Living In The ShuttleTorrevado05:09Italy1985Link
20Love’s in You Love’s in MeGiorgio Moroder and Chris Bennett03:35Italy/US1978Link
21A Whiter Shade of PaleMunich Machine06:23Germany/US1978Link