Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep26 – 1985 Part 3

1Broken RadioDen Harrow04:401985Italy
2Hold Me TightKaty Gray05:591985Italy
3Feel The FearClio03:421985Italy
4Ah, Ah, Ah, Ah!Roaring Mosquitoes02:591985Italy
5Eyes of GlassEast Wall06:571985Italy
7Two For LoveMiko Mission05:231985Italy
8I Can Feel ItRex Abe04:461985Italy
9Destiny TimeRoy07:271985Italy
10Music In The NightSolid Strangers05:181985Germany
12SunlightM Like Moon05:351985Italy
13I’m a LoverAndrea06:081985Italy
14Cha Cha ChaFinzy Kontini05:531985Italy
15Queen of the NightCamomilla05:261985Italy
16All The NightRiky Maltese06:071985Italy
17Take Me UpScotch03:321985Italy
18Bolero (Hold Me In Your Arms Again)Fancy04:051985Germany
19Fairy TaleRose05:481985Italy
21Eagles In The NightDario Dell’Aere08:211985Italy

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