Obscuro Disco Podcast

Italo Disco Review 1980-1989

We spent the past shows from 1980 to 1989 through Italo Disco and Euro Disco songs. I’ll play one song from each year.
10 songs 1 from each year in the 1980s.

1I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda03:151980Italy
2Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving)Kano04:451981Italy
3Dirty TalkKlein & M.B.O.05:361982Italy
4Dolce VitaRyan Paris03:551983Italy
5Tarzan BoyBaltimora06:191984Italy
6FacesClio & Roberto Ferrante05:411985Italy
8Don’t Break My HeartDen Harrow03:531987Italy
9I’m Loosing You Savage03:281988Italy
10You Drive Me CrazyReflectors05:001989Italy

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