Italo Disco Songs from 1984 Part 1

1984 is possibly the year with the most Italo Disco releases of any year. We also started to see some songs that had great success, even outside of Europe.

1984 is possibly the year with the most Italo Disco releases of any year.

According to, there were over 3,200 Italo-Disco records released in 1984. This includes different variations in different countries, so actual individual releases is probably somewhere around 500 or 600 releases.

In 1985, there were over 3,700 Italo-Disco records released, however, if you take into account that some of those are re-releases from the years prior, it seems like 1984 may have seen the highest production of Italo Disco in history.

#TitleArtistTimeRelease DateCountry
1Sky Walking Dee D. Jackson04:271984UK
2Tarzan BoyBaltimora06:191984Italy
3Shine On DanceCarrara03:521984Italy
4PolarisCyber People05:401984Italy
5People From IbizaSandy Marton03:091984Croatia / Italy
6Hey Hey GuyKen Laszlo05:481984Italy
7Sandy EyesZwischenfall05:471984Germany
8Self ControlRAF04:011984Italy
9Distant PlanetThe Voyagers06:221984Italy
11Dancing TherapyInternational Music System06:051984Italy
12Under the IceTopo & Roby07:131984Italy
13Turbo DieselAlbert One03:431984Italy
14Comanchero Moon Ray03:581984Italy
15Mad DesireDen Harrow04:381984Italy
16The NightValerie Dore05:471984Italy
17Disco bandScotch05:011984Italy
18How Old Are YouMiko Mission05:061984Italy
19Color My LoveFun Fun04:071984Italy
20No EscapeMax Him06:121984Italy
21On FireG. Race05:191984Italy
22ChallengerBaby’s Gang05:181984Italy

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