Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep10

All #1 Hits!

Somewhere in the world.

#TitleArtistCountryRelease DateWhere it went #1!
1Disco bandScotchItaly1984Austria
2Fun FunHappy StationItaly1983Belgium
3BoysSabrinaItaly1987France, Switzerland
4Daddy CoolBoney MGerman / Euro-Caribbean1976Austria, Belgium, France, Spain, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, West Germany
5You’re a WomanBad Boys BlueGermany1985Austria
6Dolce VitaRyan ParisItaly1983Belgium, Netherlands, Spain
7I Feel LoveDonna SummerUSA1977Australia, Austria, Belgium, Netherlands, UK
8Street Dance (Original Version 1984)Break MachineUSA1977Sweden, Norway
9D.I.S.C.O (English Version)OttawanFrance1979Netherlands, Norway
10Living On VideoTrans-XCanada1983/1985Spain
11p MachineryPropagandaGermany1985Spain
12Touch by touchJoyAustria1985Austria
13Soul SurvivorC.C. CatchGermany1987Spain
14Tarzan BoyBaltimoraItaly1984Belgium, Finland, France, Spain, Netherlands
15I Like ChopinGazeboItaly1983Austria, Germany, Spain, Switzerland
16Woodpeckers From SpaceVideo KidsNetherlands1984Norway, Spain
17People From IbizaSandy MartonCroatia1984Italy
18Vamos A La PlayaRigheiraItaly1983Italy, Switzerland
19Self ControlRaffItaly1984Italy, Switzerland
20(I’ll Never Be) Maria Magdalena SandraGermany1985Austrian, Finland, Germany, Greece, Netherlands, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland
21RasputinBoney MGerman / Euro-Caribbean1978Australia, Austria, Belgium, Germany
22You’re My Heart, You’re My SoulModern TalkingGermany1984Austria, Belgium, Germany, Switzerland
23Easy LadySpagnaItaly1986Spain, Italy
24Words (Original Version 1983)F.R. DavidFrance / Tunisia1982Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Ireland, Italy, Norway, South Africa, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Germany
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep9

#TitleArtistTimeCountryRelease Date
1Italo Boot Mix Vol 1 Side BZYX Records08:20Germany/Italy1983
2NapoliNino D’Angelo05:25Italy1988
3Play The Game (Lolly Dance)Rudy & Co.04:43Italy1986
4Flash In Your MindAir Mail05:53Italy1987
5Hold OnDanny Keith03:48Italy1991
6Computer Love (Sweet Dreams)The Egyptian Lover03:15USA1984
7I Like Chopin (Classic)Gazebo04:52Italy1983
8Faces – Prod. by Roberto Ferrante (2020 Remaster)Clio & Roberto Ferrante05:41Italy1985
9I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda03:15Italy1981
10No Tengo Dinero (1983)Righeira03:21Italy1983
11Let’s Call Each OtherForum03:13USSR1985
12Hopes & DreamsAlbert One03:59Italy1987
13Love In MoscowMr. Zivago05:21Italy1991
141,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Ken Laszlo05:22Italy1987
15HeF.R. David03:23France1982
16Holding On To LoveTime06:40Italy1986
17precious little diamond (12” mix)Fox The Fox05:10Dutch1984
18Love GamesRobert Camero06:28Germany1989
20Play The GamePhil & Stan06:39Italy1991
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep8

#TitleArtistTimeCountryRelease Date
1Italo Boot Mix Vol 1 Side AZYX Records10:39Italy1983
3RydeenYellow Magic Orchestra04:28Japan1979
4GermanyMike Mareen05:47Germany1987
5Glasses ManKen Laszlo04:16Italy1987
6Baila BoleroFun Fun03:58Italy 1986
7Disco ManiacDenise & Babys Gang05:38Italy1988
8Break Dance Party (Original Version 1984)Break Machine06:36USA1984
9Future BrainDen Harrow05:28Italy1985
10Looking For LoveTom Hooker03:47Italy1988
11Change Your MindTom Hooker04:31Italy/USA2011
12Swiss Boy (Extended Version)Lou Sern05:04Italy1985
13Swiss CowsTam Harrow (feat. Lou Sern aka Tom Hooker)05:28Italy/USA2016
14GigoloGreen Ice06:53Spain1987
15Physical AttractionEddy Huntington04:27Italy1989
16I Want YouAGO05:18Italy1986
17Sexual FeverDe Gama04:01France1987
18adult cherryFox The Fox04:05Dutch1989
19Void VisionCyber People07:04Italy1984
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep7

1D.I.S.C.O Ottawan03:17France1979
2FreedomThe Winners05:41Italy1986
3Color my loveFun Fun04:04Italy1984
4E=MC2Giorgio Moroder04:35Italy1980
5I Feel LoveDonna Summer05:56USA1977
6Giorgio by MoroderDaft Punk09:05France2013
7Shoot Your ShotDivine06:25USA1982
8Man Like MeBobby Orlando03:18USA1985
9I’m Loosing YouSavage06:10Italy1988
10TonightKen Laszlo05:46Italy1985
11Please Don’t GoDigital Game04:34Italy1985
14Behind The MaskYellow Magic Orchestra03:38Japan1979
15Comanchero Moon Ray03:58Italy1984
16The world is youMiko Mission04:22Italy1984
17Eyes Clio06:23Italy1984
18Rocker BluesF.R. David03:46France 1982
19Glasses ManKen Laszlo04:16Italy1987
20Catch the FoxDen Harrow03:54Italy1986
213 (1986)MaxMix17:21Spain1986
22Italo Bootmix Vol. 1ZYX Records10:39
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep6

Lady FantasyMax Him6:16Italy1985
Forever LoversItalian Boys3:55Italy1987
Disco BandScotch5:01Italy1984
Broken RadioDen Harrow4:40Italy1985
Street DanceBreak Machine6:29USA1983
PrisencolinensinainciusolAdriano Celentano3:52Italy1972
Ain’t NobodyRufus and Chaka Khan4:41USA1983
You Drive Me CrazyReflectors5:01Italy1989
Never Knew Love Like This BeforeStephanie Mills3:54USA1980
P MachineryPropaganda3:50Germany1985
You’re a WomanBad Boys Blue5:22Germany1985
Rainy DayBrando6:46Italy1983
Pretty FaceStylóo6:08Italy1983
Mama RadioRudy & Co.5:49Italy1985
Lady OAlbert One4:47Italy1985
I Need YouF.R. David3:29France1983
Come BackMax Coveri6:19Italy1992
Holding On To LoveTime6:40Italy1986
Ahjia Kano6:15Italy1980
Absolute Ego DanceYellow Magic Orchestra4:39Japan1979
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep5

Don’t Wake Me UpJD Jaber8:03Spain1986
One Step To HeavenMiko Mission5:04Italy1989
Moonlight AffairCliff Turner6:12Germany1986
Happy SongBoney M3:58German / Euro-Caribbean1984
Sometimes I FeelPink and Black7:20UK1984
Hey hey guyKen Laszlo7:35Italy1984
Let’s Call Each OtherForum3:12USSR1985
Call MeSpagna6:06Italy1987
Love SpyMike Mareen6:25Germany1986
Woody BoogieBaltimora5:56Italy1985
Woodpeckers from SpaceVideo Kids3:35Netherlands1984
Vamos A La PlayaRigheira3:40Italy1983
Boys (Summertime Love)Sabrina3:53Italy1987
Hypnotic TangoMy Mine3:45Italy1983
I Love You DancerVoyage5:34France1980
AmericaCruisin Gang7:26Italy1985
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep4

The World Is YouMiko Mission4:22Italy1984
Love in the Summer NightBrand Image5:04Italy1985
For Your LoveAlbert One3:55Italy 1986
SecretsAlbert One3:44Italy1986
Heart On FireAlbert One5:31Italy1985
Turbo DieselAlbert One5:56Italy1984
Don’t Break My HeartDen Harrow3:56Italy1987
Video GamesDe Niro6:59Italy1991
E-mail boxKen Laszlo5:12Italy1998
I’m ReadyKano7:14Italy1980
ChaseGiorgio Moroder8:26Italy1979
Sexy GirlSabrina7:02Italy1986
Wild BoyJoe Yellow3:34Italy1989
Guy GuyMax Coveri6:11Italy1989
I Need YouF. R. David3:29French1983
I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda3:14Italy1981
No Tengo DineroRigheira3:21Italy1983
RasputinBoney M4:26Netherlands1978
Italo Boot Mix 7 Side BZYX Records13:16Italy/Germany1987
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep3

Disco BandScotch5:01Italy1984
Happy StationFun Fun5:55Italy1983
Happy SongBaby’s Gang5:35Italy1983
Happy ChildrenP. Lion5:53Italy1983
Italo Bootmix 7AZYX Records13:29Italy/Germany1987
Tarzan BoyBaltimora3:47Italy1984
I Like ChopinGazebo4:52Italy1983
Magic FlySpace4:22French1977
Agent of LibertyMike Mareen4:17Germany1986
Precious Little DiamondFox the Fox5:09Dutch1984
Dolce VitaRyan Paris3:55Italy1983
WordsF. R. David3:29French-Tunisian1982
Daddy CoolBoney M3:28German / Euro-Caribbean1976
The NightValerie Dore5:47Italy1984
Touch by TouchJoy5:20Austrian1985
How Old Are You?Miki Mission5:06Italy1984
Gonna Get Along Without You NowViola Willis5:16USA1979
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep2

All You LovingBrand ImageItaly1983
Hypnotic TangoMy MineItaly1983
Take Me UpScotchItaly1985
Bad BoyDen HarrowItaly1985
U.S.S.R.Eddy HuntingtonItaly / UK1986
Red ChipsBoytronicGerman1983
Please Don’t GoDigital GameItaly1985
Another LifeKanoItaly1983
1,2,3,4,5,6,7,8Ken LaszloItaly1987
Do You Really Need MeKB Caps?1986
ColoursTabu D’Apache?1986
Self ControlRaffItaly1984
Vamos A La PlayaRigheiraItaly1983
Where Do You Know This (Сен Қайдан Биласан)Original (Оригинал)Uzbekistan1981
I Cry For YouShy Rose?1987
Cinderella (Cenerentola)MartinelliGermany1985
Don’t Cry TonightSavageItaly1983
Humanoid InvasionLaserdanceNetherlands1986
Obscuro Disco

Obscuro Disco – Ep1

Air Date: Aug 7, 2020 – 6-8pm PST – KVSH-LP Vashon 101.9FM

Playlist for live show.

For Your LoveAlbert One3:55Italy1986
Go Go Yellow ScreenDigital Emotion8:36Netherlands/Dutch1983
No Tengo DineroRigheira3:21Italy1983
Dancing in the DarkMike Mareen5:36Germany1984
Forever LoversItalian Boys3:55Italy1987
Up & DownEddy Huntington6:34Italy1987
Disco ManiacDenise & Baby’s Gang5:38Italy1988
Lady FantasyMax Him6:16Italy1985
Dragon’s LegendKoto6:47Italy1988
Woody BoogieBaltimora5:56Italy1985
Baila BoleroFun Fun3:58Italy1986
Chance to DesireRadioRama4:05Italy1985
Moonlight AffairCliff Turner6:12Germany1986
Harry Houdini*Kon Kan3:47Canada1988
Easy LadySpagna4:52Italy1986
Feel The DriveDoctor’s Cat6:22Italy1983
Flirting and ShowingFox The Fox4:41Netherlands1983
Turbo Diesel*Albert One5:56Italy1984
Don’t Wake Me UpJD Jaber8:03Spain1986
*denotes a live request