Italo Disco songs from 1982

In today’s episode, we’re going year-by-year through 1980s Italo Disco. Today’s episode is 1982!

Every song in this episode is from Italy. And every song is from 1982.

Some key names or songs in this episode:

  • Pierluigi Giombini (wrote You Are a Danger and Masterpiece)
  • Dirty Talk influenced New Order’s Blue Monday
  • Paul Micioni as Bo Boss and Trilogy
  • Stefano Pulga of Kano in Pink Project and Dharma
  • Franco Rago, Gigi Farina, and X. Monneret of Expansives, Lectric Workers, and Wanexa
  • Claudio Simonetti and Giancarlo Meo are still involved in a bunch of production
#TitleArtistTimeRelease Country
1You Are a DangerGary Low08:401982Italy
3Dirty TalkKlein & M.B.O.05:361982Italy
4TequilaBo Boss04:501982Italy
5Take Me to the TopAdvance06:171982Italy
6Space Operator 4 M International04:251982Italy
7Disco ProjectPink Project05:051982Italy
8Bad PassionSteel Mind06:341982Italy
9StopValery Allington04:341982Italy
10Life With YouExpansives06:531982Italy
11I Need LoveCapricorn04:331982Italy
12Not Love Trilogy07:351982Italy
13For YouAgo05:541982Italy
14I’m a VocoderGay Cat Park07:271982Italy
15The Man From ColoursWanexa06:431982Italy
16Plastic DollDharma06:291982Italy
18Robot Is SystematicLectric Workers07:421982Italy
19Feels GoodElectra ft. Tara Butler06:151982Italy
21Girls on MeAmin Peck09:591982Italy
22HookeySylvi Foster06:311982Italy


Italo Disco songs from 1981

We’re digging through Italo Disco year-by-year in the 1980s. In this episode we dive into 1981.

#TitleArtistTimeRelease DateCountry
1Wake UpThe Clocks04:161981Italy
2FotofinishGin & Tonic03:221981Italy
3Baby Not Tonight (Short Version)Kano03:521981Italy
4Strange Desires (Vocal)Peter Richard05:211981Italy
5Gioca jouer (USA Version)Claudio Cecchetto03:481981Italy
6Just Your LoveJ.M.T. Band07:251981Belgium
7Love Is Gonna Be on Your Side (Single Version)Firefly04:151981Italy
8The Night They Invented The DiscoD.D. Sound06:071981Italy
9My Mind (Vocal)Korja04:311981Italy
10Love is magicSunflower06:201981Italy
11Give MeRange07:121981Italy
12Wake Up In The NightD.D. Sound04:401981Italy
13Can’t Hold Back (Your Loving)Kano04:451981Italy
14Wallet WomanTileface06:401981Italy
16You Make Me Do ItAgo05:451981Italy
17Pow Pow PowCapricorn05:431981Italy
18J’ai jamais dit ça!Mino03:191981Belgium
19Silver SpoonDanielle Devred06:501981Belgium
20VenusRussell Russell05:091981Italy
22Love StarsCaelestium06:031981Italy


Italo Disco Songs of 1980

Italo Disco albums of 1980 - Kano, Easy Going, La Bionda, David Zen
Italo Disco Albums of 1980

We’re digging through Italo Disco year-by-year in the 1980s. We’re starting with the year 1980. In 1979, Disco faced significant backlash in the United States. In 1980, some Disco acts continued to be released. It would be a few years before Italo Disco really hit its stride in Europe. However, 1980 saw music released by some key players and influencers including Giorgio Moroder, Kano, Easy Going and Claudio Simonetti, and the La Bionda brothers.

Italo Disco 1980 Playlist

1It’s a WarKano06:541980Italy
2Standard PlanetMoons05:471980Italy
3I Am A RobotDavid Zed07:121980Italy
4If You Weren’t AfraidGiorgio Moroder05:411980Italy
5Got To BeBen Norman03:441980Italy
6If Are You MasterSilvi Foster06:011980Italy
7I’m Dancing All The NightNavach05:431980Italy
8CasanovaEasy Going06:551980Italy
9Dream MachineDisco Dream And The Androids09:101980UK
10Give me a BreakVivien Vee08:491980Italy
11Show Show ShowMarina Marfoglia04:381980Italy
12(One Two Three) Counting On LovePeter Jacques Band05:161980Italy
13Got Got MoneyFive Letters08:261980France
14Any Time or PlaceAzoto06:141980Italy
15A Gay Time Latin LoverEasy Going08:261980Italy
16I’m In LoveCela11:011980Italy
17I Wanna Be Your LoverLa Bionda03:151980Italy